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        Welcome to Visit Heze , Heze which was called Caozhou in ancient time,has a long history of peony cultivation since from Sui and Tang Dynasty. Until today,Heze has the largest planting and sightseeing area of tree peony and Shaoyao in the world.

        Heze is the hometown of peony.Heze peony is the best under the heaven.Fragrance of peony is the most fragrant among all flowers.In 1999 Heze peony won 81 Gold Medals among all 111 ones on Kunming World Horticulture Fair.Heze Peony Festival attracted millions of people from abroad and domestic during flowering season each year.

        Tree peony and herb peony have similar leaves,tree peony is tree plants,herb peony is herbaceous plants.Both of then are the most beautiful and most exotic flowers in the world .The original country of tree peony is in China.Peony is the sympol of happiness and prosperity for chinese people.

        herb peony has bright colour,beautiful shape and nice fragrance.It is the premier of flowers,queen of flowers.

        Tree peony and herb peony are famous flowers in China and abroad.They have been planted in Japan,US,UK,The Netherlands and other countries.They can be enjoyed in many family gardens all over the world.

        Adress:No.1189,Mudan North Rode,Heze,Shandong,China
        Mobile: +86-013834712829
        Contact:Manager Lee
        E-mail£º xinjunpeony@126.com

        Copyright Yongji Yanzhuang peony Technology Development Co. Ltd.
        Add£ºNo.1189,Mudan North Rode,Heze,Shandong,China
        tel£º fax£º http£º//www.hzfadianjizl.com.cne-mail£º147400298@QQ.com
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